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2016 Products

  • Categories: Contract Manufacturing, Electronic Components, LEDs and LCDs, Lighting and Display Technologies

    One of the unique offerings from IMET is the ability to produce some of the largest PCBAs in the country.

    More and more applications are being used with custom designed boards like replacing wiring in old pinball machines or as advanced methods to charge electric vehicles. Every day new ways to save money and time through advanced design keep pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

    Let IMET help you with your vision using boards that don't fit the regular mold.

  • Categories: Dust Collection and Air Pollution Control Accessories, Instrumentation and Control Analyzers, Material Handling and Transportation, Powder Flow Technology

    Rechner Level Control Made Easy.
    The NormLine Capacitive Sensors are manufactured in Milton, Ontario. Sensors are fully potted allowing them to work in high vibration areas and in areas where temperature may change throughout the day. Temperature rating is -20C to 70C. Standard sizes M18, M30 and M32 are available.
    This series is ETL listed and conforms to cULus and CSA standards.

  • Categories: Assembly Components, Mechanical Components, Other Materials

    Pivot Point's Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin is a pin and cotter all in one! (US Patent #'s 6,872,039 & 7,147,420. Foreign Patents Issued)

    Strong spring-loaded plunger features easy insertion and the vertical face at rear prevents backing out. This patented design is ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.

    The SLIC Pin™ eliminates cotters, bolts and nuts and does not require tools for use - thereby greatly speeding assembly times. It is well suited for automated assembly and is easier, safer and faster than other methods.


    Pin and cotter all in one.
    Eliminates cotters, bolts, nuts.
    Ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.
    Easier, safer, faster assembly.
    Well suited for automated assembly.
    No tools needed.
    Made in the U.S.A. to your specifications. Learn more at Booth #1115!

  • Categories: Automation, Conveyors and Feeders, Material Handling, Robots and Robotic Accessories

    Hygienic food safe conveyor

  • 038 DBJ Juice Bottle Line - HPP

    An extensive line of Clear PET Bottles for juices, smoothies, dairy and other enhanced beverages. Calibrated for HPP

  • 651 FRL

    Categories: Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Valves

    Air Filtration Series

  • A-Safe Bollards

    Categories: Automation, Brand Protection, Product Safety, Shipping Supplies

    A-SAFE Bollards are used in pedestrian areas for guidance or access prevention they provide a smooth 'people friendly' surface as well as durability to knocks, scrapes and bumps. All A-SAFE bollard products are manufactured to have an inherent flexibility to cushion, absorb and dissipate impact forces.

  • Aaron recycled resins

    Categories: Extrusion, Materials and Additives, Recycling and Size Reduction

    Aaron Industries Inc. is a leader in recycled plastic innovation, and is one of the largest recycled resin compounders in the Northeast. The company's recycled resins include more than 200 various grades of PS, PP, and PE precolored in black, grey, and other custom colors.

  • ADXL Soft Starters

    Categories: Automation, Controls

    The new range of LOVATO Electric Soft Starters ADXL series from 30 to 115A is available. The new ADXL series of soft starters is equipped with a backlit LCD icon display, IR port and NFC connectivity for quick and easy configuration, even from smartphones and tablets. ADXL soft starters are ideal for simple “plug and play” applications thanks to their installation wizard and also for applications that demand high-performance in terms of control and protection during motor startup and operation. The current transformers (CTs) in ADXL devices constantly monitor the current and their control algorithm keeps the currents on the individual phases well balanced during starting and stopping. The ADXL series, with the two-phase control technology, is a compact and competitive solution that ensures high performance in all applications. Come see us at booth # 1216

  • All-Servo Robots for Injection Molding

    Categories: Automation

    The only robot supplier with Canada in its name, Sepro Canada offers a wide choice of servo-driven robots and sprue pickers, as well as end-of-arm tooling and complete automation solutions including engineering and service. Robots with 3, 5 and 6 axes of servo-driven motion are available in Economical, Technological and Premium configurations to meet virtually any automation requirement on injection molding machines from 20 to 5000 tons of clamp. All robots are driven by a common control platform (Visual), which was developed by Sepro especially for injection molding.

  • Autostore

    Categories: Consultants, Robotics, Supply Chain

    Most dense goods to person o nthe market

  • Balluff’s 23K Family of Photoelectric Sensors

    Categories: Automation, Cable and Wires

    Balluff’s 23K family of photoelectric sensors provides precise, reliable detection or measurement of objects in a wide variety of applications. This family now includes all sensing modes: background suppression, diffuse, retroreflective, through-beam and distance measuring. Red light and laser light sources provide easy alignment of sensors. Setup and integration is simple with potentiometer, pushbutton teach, or IO-Link. The new long distance background suppression sensor has a 5 meter range. The Class 1 laser provide a precise beam while not requiring any additional protective requirements. Standard, object-object, or dynamic teaching is accomplished with a pushbutton. In addition, the 23K family are both IP69K and ECOLAB rated, tolerating wash-down applications in the food and beverage industry.


    Categories: Cleaning Systems, Product Safety, Static Control Equipment


  • Corrugated cardboards cormers

    Categories: Automation

    Manufacturer of Corrugated cardboards corners for industrial packaging. Corruguard edge protectors are tailor-made to the customers specs to ensure the optimum protection of their goods for shipping and handling.

  • Creosnap

    Categories: Medical Packaging, Packaging Design, Protective Packaging, Shipping Containers

    Creosnap crates can be warehoused flat, assembled without nails or screws, and is easy for your customer to open.

    Our patented technology is changing the way wood crates are build, used and reused. The panels are made of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood that are machined through a unique process. Plastic inserts covers each cavity to protect it against water intrusion and also increase the resistance of the crates. The crates are complete with galvanized snaps to make final assembly.

  • Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam

    Categories: Flexible Packaging, Protective Packaging

    Crosslinked polyethylene is a high density closed cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water that enables the material to be fabricated, thermoformed or compression molded in many ways. It has many of the same properties as polyethylene foam but also has the ability to protect class "A" surfaces and is consequently used in returnable/reusable packaging applications.

  • Cryogenic/freezer grinding and consignment processing

    Categories: Separation

    Cryogenic/freeze grinding is a technique that uses the ultralow temperature (−196°C) of liquefied nitrogen to freeze and grind various materials into powder. By using liquefied nitrogen produced by an affiliated company in the same group, we can conduct low-cost and highly efficient grinding.

  • Cyclops HDMI

    Categories: PCB Assembly and Equipment, Test and Inspection, Vision Inspection Systems and Services

    Cyclops digital microscope with built in HDMI output and 4x objective lens. View images directly from your HD capable monitor.

  • Data Matrix on Ejector Pin

    Categories: Coating and Surface Treatment, Decoration

    Eliminate the need for bar code labels with injection molded coding.
    This 2 year proven process continues to provide for success in many resin materials. Suitable for ejector pins, inserts, or molding surfaces.

  • Enclosed Control Configurator

    Categories: Automation, Machinery Parts

    Eaton’s Plug & Play on-line configurator provides an easy and accessible tool for enclosed control product selection. This new, innovative on-line tool simplifies the process required to design your enclosed control solutions. Whether choosing between a motor starter or a lighting contactor configuration, the simple pre-populated drop-down menus will enable you to quickly generate a complete solution and get exactly what you need. Now more than ever, ordering Plug & Play products from authorized Eaton control distributors has never been so easy.

  • FIBC PP Big Bags & Super Sacks

    Categories: Bags, Bulk Containers, Flexible Packaging, Food Packaging

    Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container's are made from polypropylene fabrics which can vary in different weights depending
    on the Safe Working Load or Safety Factor and can be as simple as an open top with a flat base or, as a high tech unit produced
    within a clean room production environment.

    The type of big bags are such as standart FIBC's (side seam loops & cross corner), formed bags (Q & gambo bags), conductive bags (Type C&D),
    potato bags (ventilated), UN bags (dangerous goods) and 1&2 loop big bags.

    FIBC's used for chemicals, minerals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, fertilisers, plastics, cement and many more.

  • Flex HPD

    Categories: End-of-Line Systems, Protective Packaging, Shipping Supplies, Wrappers

    Flex D models are the result of 25 years of experience building rugged, reliable semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines. Built for most demanding industrial environments, the Flex Deluxe Series features a durable steel framework, AC motors, a belt-driven carriage lift and a heavy-duty turntable support system. D and A Series machines include the 260% (standard) Insta-Thread film delivery system to assure you get the maximum power and economy out of every foot of stretch film you use.

  • FlexWall®Plus

    Categories: Material Handling or Auxiliary Equipment

    FlexWall loss-in-weight screw feeder for dry ingredients including powders, granules, pellets, fibers and flakes provides flow stability with a specially shaped screw and screw trough. Feeder’s flexible polyurethane screw trough is massaged by external paddles to improve material flow.

  • Front Load Zipper

    Categories: Closures, Flexible Packaging, Pouches, Retail Packaging

    After extensive R&D at our end, Shakoflex has successfully commercialised the front loading zipper

    This helps filling the bag without hindrance on the pickn'fil equipment without fear of the zip closing during packaging and transportation.

  • GHS VSD+ Series

    Categories: Food Packaging, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Smart Packaging, Sustainable Packaging

    The GHS VSD+ Series is a new range of highly efficient, intelligent vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) from Atlas Copco. Based on the well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of Atlas Copco compressors, these vacuum pumps have been designed by vacuum engineers to deliver peak performance at operating pressures commonly found in industrial applications.

  • HANDJET 250

    Categories: Case Packing Machinery, End-of-Line Systems

    The HANDJET EBS 250 is the hand-held, portable, ultra-compact and lightweight INK-JET printer. with its patented print technology replaces antiquated hand coders (such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders).
    The HANDJET EBS 250 offers a non-contact marking technology excellent for making durable and legible prints on a variety of types of surface, smooth, porous and also uneven surfaces of irregular shapes, such as pipes, barrels, bags, boxes, construction materials.
    It communicates with its own Windows based control program connected to the computer via an USB – BLUETOOTH interface.
    Distributed in Canada by ID. S. Coding & Packaging systems. Tel : 514 331 2211

  • High Speed Imaging Inc.

    Categories: Packaging Design, Packaging Research

    Sales and service of High Speed Video cameras and accessories used for research, testing and production line monitoring. Also used for troubleshooting, debugging and design of machinery and equipment. See our website

  • HXP Series Hexapods

    Categories: Motion Control

    HXP Hexapods offer an easy, elegant solution to complex, multi-axis motion in a compact construction. Its dedicated firmware simplifies the programming of complex motion through the use of two coordinate systems and automatically computes coordinate transformations for straightforward programming of motion.

  • Investment Casting

    Categories: Contract Manufacturing, Metals and Alloys, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing

    Investment casting is a cost effective, and highly versatile manufacturing process that can be used to manufacture most any metal component. Free from design constraints, high quality investment castings produced at Niagara Investment Castings are preferred and used by designers, machinery builders, and many more clients around the world.

  • IPL Packaging

    Categories: Bulk Containers, Food Packaging, Retail Packaging

    IPL offers packaging solutions that meet FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards, with several features specifically designed for food. All of our containers are available with a security system that protects against unwanted openings. Decoration by IML, is available on selected models to enhance shelf impact. Our quality containers will ensure a perfect seal, even after repeated openings and closings of the lid. With IPL, your food is in good hands!

  • JZ20-UA24

    Categories: Automation, Controls

    Unitronics has just launched a new Jazz2 series controller, a compact, full-function PLC with built-in I/O and an integrated text display.

    The new model, JZ20-UA24, offers 11 digital inputs, 2 of which can also be configured as analog, 1 high-speed counter and 2 analog inputs, which can be wired for temperature measurement, 5 relay, 2 transistor and 2 analog outputs.

    JZ20-UA24 has 48K (virtual) Ladder Logic memory and is 30 times faster than Unitronics’ standard Jazz controllers, allowing industrial control processes to enjoy more power, speed and functionality at the same low price.

    The new JZ20-UA24 is perfect for replacing ‘smart relays’, for applications such as simple autoclaves, rotating tables, and other small-to-medium systems where every penny counts. The PLC+HMI advantage gives users the opportunity to operate on a minimum of budget, programming time and wiring.

  • LAS-R Standard Wrap-around Labeler

    Categories: Cosmetic Packaging, Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Used Equipment

    Automatic wrap-around labeler made for round products. The labeler is a standard model for up to 60 bottles per minute. It can be integrated to production line. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and chemical industries. Changeover is easy and fast with PLC user friendly control system with touch screen HMI.


    Categories: Extrusion, Recycling and Size Reduction

    We purchase industrial plastic film as well as casting extrusion (chunk) and convert them into resin of levels LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE

  • Maxon's DCX Series

    Categories: Automation, Controls, Motion Control, Robots and Robotic Accessories

    Maxon Motor AG announces the release of their new DCX series, a family of online configurable DC servo motors and gearheads. These brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. Motors, gearheads and encoders may be selected and ordered online.

    After only 11 working days, even complex motor configurations are ready to be shipped. Detailed product data can be viewed online and 3D data for a user-specified configuration is available for immediate downloading.

  • Miniature Steel High Precision Stage: Up to 15 µm Accuracy

    Categories: Motion Control

    Zaber's new closed-loop linear stage, the X-LRM-DE, has hardened steel construction and recirculating ball bearing guides, which provide thermal stability and exceptional stiffness. The integrated linear encoder provides high accuracy positioning over the full travel of the device (15 µm accuracy over 200 mm). These stages are ideal for multi-axis configurations or applications where excellent stability under cantilever loads is required.
    Like all of Zaber's X-Series products, the X-LRM-DE is able to daisy-chain data and power.

  • Moisture Meter

    Categories: Automation, Material Handling or Auxiliary Equipment

    MOISTURE METER™ is an in-line resin moisture analyzer.
    With this instrument it is possible to certify the production of plastic parts and when installed directly on the processing machine, measures the actual moisture content of the plastic granules. No calibration is required and it is only necessary to select the polymer, from an included materials database, to be treated and MOISTURE METER™ will continuously control the process with sampling every 10 seconds.
    Complementing this innovative instrument is also the availability for on-demand analysis to produce reports on production data by hour, minute, or, in the case of single cavity mould production, a report for every printed piece.


    Categories: Integrators and Factory Solutions, Material Handling, Motion Control, Production Machines and Equipment

    Achieve your ultimate production goals and produce more for less. Servo motor, gear unit and electronics are combined into one highly reliable, efficient and hygienically designed unit. MOVIGEAR® reduces not only total start-up costs but also annual operating costs by as much as 50%!

  • Netzsch Epsilon

    Categories: Material Handling Equipment and Systems, Other Materials, Testing and Measurement Equipment

    The Epsilon uses negative pressure to draw the pigment into a high surface liquid environment to wet individual pigment particles within agglomerates, allowing them to be broken up with minimal application of energy at the milling stage. Because the pigment is wetted out in a low pressure, enclosed environment, there is little or no air is introduced into the product. The low shear process means that very little heat is generated during dispersion.

  • Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Security Void Seals and Labels

    Categories: Anti-Counterfeiting, Labels

    The non (zero) transfer materials are suitable for metals, glasses and high surface energy plastics. The void hidden message will be displayed on the label materials when removing from a substrate. There is no sticky residue left behind and it gives a clean and nice look of surface appearance.

  • NUHI™ Neodymium Ultra High Intensity Magnet

    Categories: Magnetic Separation, Mechanical Conveyors, Separation

    The NUHI™ Cartridge Magnet amplifies the performance of Bunting® Magnetic
    Separation Equipment by incorporating a cartridge with an even stronger magnetic load while maintaining our equally strong reputation for durability and quality. Now, dry food, feed, spice and grain processors can have added confidence that their product will be free of tramp metal and the finest of fines. Customers and brands are protected.

  • Online IR3000 Moisture Sensor

    Categories: Instrumentation and Control Analyzers, Meters and Gauges, Quality

    Continuous, instant online sensor for measuring moisture in the most difficult of applications. The MoistTech IR3000 is a one-time calibration for instant and accurate measurement. Available for every application.

  • Power distribution fuse block

    Categories: Automation, Machinery Parts

    : Eaton’s Bussmann Series patented combined power distribution block and fuse holder design simplifies your panel layout and uses up to 50% less panel space. Additionally, it lowers inventory costs while reducing installation time and labour by 33%.

  • Power XL DG1 Drive

    Categories: Automation, Machinery Parts

    With 14 basic parameters, SmartWire-DT connectivity, and an intuitive configuration module, the PowerXL DE1 set up and commissioning is easy for any panel builder and MOEM. The DE1 was designed for customers who have basic application but still require variable frequency and advanced motor protection. The design allows customers to simplify their design and reduce installation and commissioning time while introducing an innovative solution to their system.

  • PRO GEN II Linear Stages

    Categories: Automation, Controls, Motion Control, Test and Inspection

    Aerotech’s PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now available in new sizes and with new features and significantly improved performance. In addition to the performance and feature improvements, two new sizes were added to the PRO-LM (linear motor) series stage line – the PRO115LM and PRO190LM. New features include a linear encoder option on PRO-SLE ball-screw stages, absolute encoder options on both the linear motor and ball-screw stages, and direct mounting to English and metric optical tables. All PRO series stages are now available with Aerotech’s ThermoComp™ feature, an embedded temperature compensation unit that guarantees accurate positioning not only in variable temperature environments, but during extended use of ball-screw-driven stages. Using ThermoComp™ protects your process even in extreme industrial settings.

  • Process Chillers

    Categories: Automation

    The CWM,CWT,CWE and other available Purestream chiller models are specifically designed to meet the stringent cooling requirements of today’s advanced equipment and processes. The CWM, CWT, and other available models provides precise temperature control of chilled water temperature while operating over long periods of time with varying load demands for many industries and applications. All units are equipped with the necessary components to provide safe, reliable and energy saving operation. - See more at:

  • Product lines

    Categories: Injection Molding, Material Handling or Auxiliary Equipment, Mold Components, Recycling and Size Reduction

    Arburg: injection molding and additive molding
    Motan : Dosing units, mixers volumetric & gravimetric, dryers
    Thermal Care : Industrial chillers, central and & portable
    Rapid: Granulators
    Sesotec: Separation and detection of metals and foreign bodies
    Lindner : Shredders and Wash line
    Morris Coupling: Couplings and bends
    DMS: Mold components
    NSK America : Polishing
    TBCH: Tubes, bends, couplings & hose
    Silos : Welded steel silos for storage of plastic materials

  • Rapid Inject

    Categories: Extrusion, Injection Molding

    RAPID INJECT® RI 500 is a plastic additive 100% polypropylene coming from an innovative industrial process that changes melting and cooling characteristics of PP and PEHD: improves productivity for injection-blowing and injection-profiled by decreasing significantly the cooling time; without any modification of the initial settings on the mold and the injection press machines. This additive is mainly intended for the productions penalized by important cooling times.

  • Robots, Servo Press and Weigh Systems

    Categories: Production Machines and Equipment, Quality, Robots and Robotic Accessories, Test and Inspection

    Robot, Integrated Force / Displacement Servo Press and Weigh Systems will be demonstrated. Our Staff of Bilingual Engineers can discuss the 6-axis, SCARA and Cartesian Toshiba Robots, the Coretec Servo Presses and Nutrunners, as well as, the Fast / Accurate Wipotec Weigh Systems. We can provide Engineering Assistance during the System Design, Accessories for the System Operations, Commissioning / Configuration / Training and Data Collection / Analysis Solutions. We have business partners in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

  • Rotary Airlock Rail Valve

    Categories: Valves and Gates and Airlocks

    For more than two decades DMN rail valves have proven themselves reliable and effective in a broad range of sanitary and many other applications in the powder bulk solids industry. The easy detachable rotor can be removed from the housing in a few short minutes to facilitate thorough inspection and cleaning.

  • SelfLube Custom Wear Strips

    Categories: Mold Components

    SelfLube has long made standard wear strips in steel and aluminum bronze with or without self-lubricating graphite. This year the company is introducing mass customization to augment its line of standard wear strips. Now, customers can order the exact configuration they require.

    Wear strips are used extensively in the tooling industry and are one of SelfLube's hot ticket items. With SelfLube's new custom capabilities a made-to-order wear strip comes complete and ready to be installed. SelfLube will have on display its custom wear strips at Booth: 629. Our sales representatives will be there to answer any questions.

  • Shoulder Bushings -Solid Bronze Bushings

    Categories: Injection Molding, Mold Components

    High-strength Shoulder Bushings - Solid Bronze extend the life of the mold while minimizing downtime. Internal grease grooves help prevent galling and aids in smooth operation.

  • Sleeve Labels

    Categories: Labeling

    360° project management
    The IMS team will manage your Shrink Sleeve Label projects from strategic design to application, and guarantee success for your most complex projects.

  • SLIC Pin™

    Categories: Assembly Components, Mechanical Components, Other Materials

    Pivot Point's Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin is a pin and cotter all in one! (US Patent #'s 6,872,039 & 7,147,420. Foreign Patents Issued)

    Strong spring-loaded plunger features easy insertion and the vertical face at rear prevents backing out. This patented design is ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.

    The SLIC Pin™ eliminates cotters, bolts and nuts and does not require tools for use - thereby greatly speeding assembly times. It is well suited for automated assembly and is easier, safer and faster than other methods.


    Pin and cotter all in one.
    Eliminates cotters, bolts, nuts.
    Ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.
    Easier, safer, faster assembly.
    Well suited for automated assembly.
    No tools needed.
    Made in the U.S.A. to your specifications. Learn more at Booth #1115!

  • SMART III NIR Online Moisture Measurement System

    Categories: Instrumentation and Control Analyzers, Meters and Gauges

    The SMART III NIR online moisture system rapidly analyzes the surface of material using near-infrared technology. It is an ideal product for continuous, non-destructive moisture measurement and coat weight in the 0 to 60% range. Recent upgrades include scaling, gain control, auto-ranging and rapid calibration. Each manufacturing process can be accommodated: belt, screw, vibratory, bucket, chutes, and pneumatic conveying systems. Output control signals permit a PLC to accept the output signal and adjust the product flow rates, dryer temperatures, dampeners, etc. to achieve optimal and continuous targeted moisture levels, thereby making our system an invaluable and indispensable production process tool.
    Installed at more than 350 companies across a variety of industries worldwide, it is widely recognized as the most rugged and durable sensor for industrial applications.

  • SolidWorks, Stratasys, Driveworks

    Categories: CAD/CAM Software, Rapid Prototyping or 3D Printing, Software and Operating Systems

    SolidXperts has solutions for 3D Design, Validation, Data Management, Product Documentation, Communication Sustainable Green Design and 3D Printing Solutions. As well, SolidXperts offers you the complete line of Stratasys 3D printers, 3Dconnexion mice, and powerful Dell Precision workstations and laptops. No matter what the size of your business is, SolidXperts will help you find the right solutions to design better products.

  • Stabulon 100 Anti-Slip Tie Sheet

    Categories: Optimization, Paper, Protective Packaging, Sustainable Packaging

    100% Recycable, Tirtiary Packaging, Stabalizes any packaging format plus eliminates damages in transport

  • Standardized palletizing cell

    Categories: Automation, Conveyors and Feeders, Material Handling, Robots and Robotic Accessories

    The standardized palletizing cell from FlexLink is compact, quick to install and easy to configure.

  • Stock springs

    Categories: Assembly Components, Metals and Alloys, Other Materials

    Stock spring solutions

  • Tamper Evident Security Void Seals and Labels

    Categories: Anti-Counterfeiting, Labels

    Seal King offers security lables in three main transfer types: Total Tansfer, Partal Transfer and Zero (Non-Residue) Transfer. Each product type is formulated for specific application surface including metal, glass, plastic, papers and other materials in order to offer reliable visibility of the voiding system. Our tamper evident label materials with excellent hot or cold interference resistance provide excellent performance for use under extreme conditions. Applications include logistics monitoring, banking, military and aviation security, medical packaging seals, valuable goods protections and many other purposes.

  • TECHNO LED 8038

    Categories: Mold Components, Polymer Composites, Rapid Prototyping, Thermoforming

    You have been looking for a LED lights transparent epoxy protection system that will not interact with your solder flux??

    POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has formulated and recently released a new system, our TECHNO LED 8038 which allows to properly protect LED lights from humidity, rain, thermal shocks, UV rays and other contaminants. This system meets the RoHS European standard.

    Our new formulation has been tested on a 12 months period and the results largely exeeded our expectations.

    Its excellent UV rays resistance makes it and ideal potting or encapsulation product for your LED railing and others electroni/electrical devices.

    For further information, do not hesitate to contact us :

    [email protected]

  • The GDW Vibratory Screening Machine

    Categories: Screening Equipment, Screening Media, Separation

    GDW's vibratory screening machine can meet the toughest screening environments of virtually every processing industry. The machine is suited for liquid-solids separation, wet or dry classification or dry separation.
    Engineered to last and built with the finest components. Rugged and reliable, our machines are designed to meet your most demanding process applications.

  • The new flexible PELT® system

    Categories: Automation, Computer Software Services, Retorts

    The new PELT® system is a multifunction machine which can be adjusted to fit your needs while reducing your investments. Our “Swiss-Knife” retort offers a lot of cooking and treating possibilities for all kinds of packaging, usable with or without any external devices and preserving the product qualities.
    The flexibility of the PELT® will meet all of your expectations.
    Launched by Lagarde Autoclaves, the world leader of thermal treatment in retorts, the PELT® System is fully adapted to our last innovations like our new S.U.® system control.
    Come to meet us and see how the PELT® System is THE tool that you need!

  • The Smart Tote

    Categories: Bulk Containers, Cartons, Pallets, Shipping Containers

    Made in Canada, the Smart Tote is a 275 gallons recyclable cardboard container for bulk liquid transportation and storage (IBC). We attribute its advantages for the set-up, storage, dispensing and disposal. Our company helps Canadian businesses lower their supply costs through avoiding exchange rate fluctuations with the USD, getting their transportation fees down, and benefiting from just-in-time deliveries with reasonable minimum quantities. Additionally, we increase storage space and improve the efficiency of your warehouse floor. We usually generate savings between 10% to 15%.

    Have your supply costs significantly lowered and add square footage to your warehouse.

  • Universal Robots

    Categories: Automation, Fluid Power Handling and Control, Motion Control, Robots and Robotic Accessories

    When we say the UR robot can automate virtually anything we mean virtually anything – from assembly to painting, from screw driving to labeling, from injection molding to welding and from packaging to polishing.

  • VarioFlow Plus Chain Conveyor System

    Categories: Automation, Controls, Conveyors and Feeders, Motion Control

    Rexroth’s VarioFlow Plus chain conveyor system offers advancements in simplicity, flexibility, quiet operation and is ideal for achieving a fast time-to-market. Users can easily configure individual space-saving solutions for versatile, complex transportation tasks, even for particularly difficult environments. With its low noise operation, the chain conveyor system contributes greatly to reduced noise and thus improved working conditions. All truly supporting low maintenance and offering fast through-put times. Rexroth achieves this level of smooth operation through optimized sliding characteristics and the use of slide rails with lateral mounting. At the same time, this ensures low wear and fast reliable assembly.

  • Zhafir Zeres Series

    Categories: Automation, Injection Molding

    All-electric injection molding machine

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